Top quality polled Icelandic lambs are now for sale and ready to go to their new homes. They have been out on pasture with their mothers and are ready for weaning. We will be posting updated photos as they grow.

We are grateful to our many happy customers who bought breeding stock last year. We love hearing from you, especially all the new shepherds. We are happy to share our years of experience. Please don't hesitate to contact us with your questions. YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR GOAL.

In addition, Far View Farm has available, beautiful yearling ewes that will be ready to breed this fall. CLICK ABOVE TAB "Sheep For Sale". They are posted after the lamb photos.

We sell purebred, polled, registered Icelandic sheep breeding stock, fleeces, roving, yarn, pelts, rugs, rug yarn, batting, felt and USDA freezer lamb from our family-run farm in New Hampshire. Our sheep and lambs are pasture raised, free of antibiotics and hormones. Our livestock are humanely raised and treated by a veterinarian when required. 
Our new farm store will be open once the Corona virus has passed. USDA frozen lamb cuts, our own hand made wool rugs, raw fleece, our high quality yarn and other fiber products are available for sale. Call for details, photos, or appointment.
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