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Far View Farm is open for the GNYH  Wed-Sun 12-5 or by appointment. Contact m.stuller@yahoo.com or 603-313-7115


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     On another topic; we are grateful to our many happy customers who have purchased breeding stock. We love hearing from you, especially all the new shepherds. We are happy to share our years of experience. Please don't hesitate to contact us with your questions. YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR GOAL.

     We sell purebred, polled, registered Icelandic sheep breeding stock and whole USDA freezer lamb from our family-run farm store in New Hampshire. Our lambs are pasture raised, free of antibiotics and artificial hormones. 


    We also sell USDA individual cuts of frozen lamb, farm fresh chicken eggs as well as raw fleece for hand spinners, batting, roving, natural colored Icelandic yarn, all from our flock. 

     Our crafts are handmade here using fiber from our Icelandic sheep.  Come see our felted woolen baskets, woven rugs, handspun and artisan yarn and cuddly figures. 

     See our USDA LAMB page for details on our gourmet lamb and to order yours for this fall or buy cuts of meat 

anytime here in our farm store.

      See us Facebook.com/farviewfarmicelandicsheep