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About Far View Farm

Marilyn Stuller

We raise and sell registered, polled, pure bred Icelandic sheep, an ancient breed virtually unchanged since the Vikings brought them to Iceland in the 9th and 10th centuries. First imported to Canada in the 80's they were soon imported to the USA. We register our sheep with the Canadian Livestock Records Corporation (CLRC) and now with the Icelandic Sheep Breeders of North America organization (ISBONA).


Our lambs are born in April. These hardy lambs can grow to market weight on grazing alone. Our lambs are pasture raised and free of antibiotic or artificial growth hormone feeds. 

Dennis McClary

In Iceland, they are raised for their fiber, milk and meat which is mild tasting and lean. It is a favorite of gourmet chefs. Our meat is processed in a local, state-of-the-art, USDA certified facility. 


A husband and wife team, we live a happy,  healthy, productive life on this 23-acre farm. This has for decades been our part-time job. We are now both retired from careers in business and we enthusiastically devote our time to operating this small farm. With a focus on raising registered Icelandic sheep, we are working our farm using sustainable farming practices. The humane treatment of animals and stewardship of the land are at the heart of our work. 

Additional Farm Activities

In addition to our main focus of Icelandic sheep we have other enterprises and hobbies that keep us very active! 

​Chickens: We have a small flock of layers from which we get a dependable supply of eggs for ourselves and several regular customers. Fed with non-GMO feed and allowed to graze, they produce wonderfully wholesome, very large eggs.

Meat Birds: In summer and fall we keep a small flock of meat birds. We raise them for ourselves and regular customers. In order to keep their condition neat, clean and manageable we raise only a dozen or so at a time throughout the warmer months. They grow to yield 6 to 9 pound finished product in our freezer.

Horses: One of our hobbies has been horse back riding. In years past we competed in ECTRA distance riding events. In fact, that is how we met as a couple. Many years ago now, Dennis volunteered at an event I was hosting at the farm and we started dating. Having less time for competing, we now plan leisurely rides on the beautiful woods trails around our town.

Maremma dogs:  We have always had guardian dogs on our farm and to keep predators away. We are always sad to lose them to age and illness. Jake was one of our rescues. He had a rough early life but loved it here. He is very much missed. Mia, also a rescue dog patrols the perimeter fences while hunting for small critters. Izzy, the calming influence in the group, content to relax and await the arrival of loving attention from her owners, has sadly passed on too. Our newest guardian Polly hails courtesy of Rutland County Humane and she is taking to her job of watching over the flock. And so, it continues, from one dog to another, watching over the flock and keeping harmony on the farm. We love these dogs!


Our Professional Affiliations

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