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Every year we enter fleeces in shows and fairs in New England, but all those have been cancelled due to Covid-19. In the past, we have had blue ribbon winning fleeces at the New Hampshire Sheep & Wool Festival and Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival. In 2017 Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival Far View Farm won the very top honor for our wool entries! Our fleeces won the Dual Coated Division. We received ribbons in both the white and the natural colors categories and we won the Overall Show Fleece Champion. This includes the coveted David Hinman Award! We were  very excited and grateful. 

Usually we would meet our spinning fleece buyers at these events, but this year is different. Currently we are selling fleece at our farm store (call or text to make sure we are open) or on-line via our website. We also have YARN, YARN, YARN!!!! Lopi and woolen, including lambs wool, samples available. 

The Icelandic sheep produces a dual coated fleece with a downy inner coat (thel) and a soft, long fibered, outer coat (tog). They are among the most colorful sheep in the world. On our farm we have chocolate browns (moorit), grays of many shades, black, creamy champagne, tans and white. We have many color patterns. Mouflon, badger face, black spotted, and moorit spotted describe some of the patterns. This unique wool is a favorite of fiber enthusiasts.

Raw fleeces are meticulously skirted. We ae selling from our farm store or on-line via our website.

Shipping charges are extra and will be figured on actual costs basis.

PHOTOS OF AVAILABLE 2020 FLEECES (2 Photos of each)

1-22H  LAMB (4 months old) shorn 8-20-20

Jet Black, Super Clean, Simply Gorgeous!

1-lb 6.9 oz      $35

2-20H  LAMB (4 months old)shorn 8-20-20

Black/Grey/Silver mix. Spectacular and super clean!

1-1b 10.2 oz      $35

3-14H  LAMB (4 months old)shorn 8-20-20

White fleece with small black spot. Soft and Clean

1-lb 3.4 oz      $25

4-31H  LAMB (4 months old)shorn 8-20-20

White fleece with black spot.bagged separately.

Soft and Clean

0-lb 13.4 oz      $25

5-13H  LAMB (4 months old)shorn 8-20-20

Chocolate Brown, Soft and Very Clean

1-lb 3.5 oz      $30

6-19H  LAMB (4 months old) shorn 8-20-20

Cinnamon Brown with Grey, VERY SOFT and CLEAN with plenty of crimp.

0-lb 15.6 oz      $25

7-8H  LAMB (4 months old)shorn 8-20-20

Light Brown Oatmeal color, VERY SOFT and Clean

0-lb 15.3 oz      $25

8-24H  LAMB (4 months old)shorn 8-20-20

White-Luxurious, Soft & Silky, Very Clean

1-lb 10.6 oz      $30

9-1H  LAMB (4 months old) shorn 8-20-20

White-Soft & Clean with High Loft & Luster

1-1b 8.8 oz      $25

10- "Pippin" (2 year old) shorn 8-20-20

White- Very Clean & Soft Clean 

1-lb 6.8 oz      $25

11- 30H LAMB (4 months old) shorn 8-20-20

White- Clean & Cottony Soft

0-lb 14.4 oz      $22

12- 12H LAMB (4 months old) shorn 8-20-20

Jet Black- Gorgeous, VERY CLEAN, Soft with a luxurious handle and sheen...Beautiful!

1-lb 11.8 oz      $38

13- 3H LAMB (4 months old) shorn 8-20-20

Jet Black, Gorgeous Color-  Soft, Silky, High Luster and Loft

1-lb 10.1 oz        $30

14-2H LAMB (4 months old) shorn 8-20-20

White - Soft, Clean, Lofty fleece with a mild, wavy crimp

1-lb 15 oz        $30

15- 12H LAMB (4 months old) shorn 8-20-20

Jet Black - Clean, Soft & Lusterous

1-lb 11.8 oz        $30

16- 6H LAMB (4 months old) shorn 8-20-20

Black Solid- Very Clean, Soft & Lusterous with a loose crimp

1-lb 5.4 oz        $28

17-7H LAMB (4 months old) shorn 8-20-20

Brown/Grey- Silky, long staple, Clean and Lustrous

1-lb 5.3 oz        $28

18-21H LAMB (4 months old) shorn 8-20-20

White with small Black spot- Silky and Soft

2-lbs         $28

19-25H LAMB (4 months old) shorn 8-20-20

White solid- Lots of loft, cloud-like and soft.

1-lb 13.2 oz         $28

Rugs are hand woven here at the farm and are washable. We will be posting photos soon!

Our pelts are all hand washable. Pelts are used as rugs, chair seats, pet beds and more. We do have some available, contact us for pricing.

Roving is made using like-colored fleece so you can get solid black, brown, grays & white as well as varigated browns, grays & white tones. It is sold by the ounce. Prices vary according to color. Contact us for current inventory and pricing.

Yarn is available in naturally colored brown, beige, grey, white and varigated. It is soft and comfortable.


Rug Yarn is available in brown, beige, grey and varigated.

Batting: We have batting for quilting. Each roll is approximately 3 ft x 4 ft.


Felt: Great for craft and clothing. It comes in naturally colored beige, grey and a varigated pattern. Sheets of felt are approximately 3 ft x 4 ft. 


​A sampling of our products are shown above. Call or email us for current inventory and prices.We'd be happy to send a small sample of yarn, roving, felt or batting in order you are assured of quality, color and texture.

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