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We sell our USDA whole frozen lamb from our farm. The meat from a whole lamb totals approximately 25 to 35 pounds. It has been prepared at a nearby, state-of-the-art, USDA meat processing facility. Our meat is frozen at the facility in vacuum packed clear plastic with weights, the cut of meat and the name of the USDA facility clearly marked. We sell only lamb that we raised here! Humanely treated, they are pasture raised and free of antibiotics or growth hormones.  Contact us for current pricing on whole frozen lamb. Availability is dependent upon the USDA butcher's schedule. Lead times will vary so call us now to reserve your order.

Typically, our whole lamb, standard cuts, consist of the following:

  • Loin Chops (Usually 3-4 packages, 2 per package, 1-1/2" thick)

  • Stew Meat (2-3 pks)

  • Rib Chops (2 pks at 4 per pk, 1-1/4” thick)

  • Half a Leg Roasts, bone-in (4 ) (Cut in half  for convenient 3-4 lb size)

  • Shanks 

  • Ground Lamb (Depending on weight of the lamb; 4 to 8 lbs per lamb)

Looking for delicious ways to serve up our farm-fresh lamb? Visit our friends at for mouth-watering recipes.  Just click on their link.

Ready to order? Contact us at or by phone at 603-313-7115 and we will arrange for a pick up at our farm.​

USDA lamb
USDA lamb
USDA lamb
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