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Why you should raise Icelandic Sheep

+Icelandic sheep are one of the world's oldest (1100 years) and most pure breeds of sheep. 


+ In Iceland they are used for meat, fiber and milk. 


+ They are a naturally short-tailed sheep with no need for docking. 


+ Icelandics are a mid-sized breed.  Adult ewes average about 130-160 pounds and rams average 180-200 pounds.


+ Spinners, knitters, weavers and crafters love the dual-coated  fleece. which come in several different natural colors: white, a range of browns, grays and blacks.


+ Our Far View Farm sheep are polled. This allows the worry free use of electric netting because there are no horns to get caught in the mesh.


+ Left unshorn for the winter they are very cold hardy.

+They can grow to market weight on pasture, hay alone. They also eat a wide varitety of fibrous plants. On good grass, meat lambs can be slaughtered at 5-7 months of age. 

+ Their faces are not wooly (clean faced) and so the do not get "wool blind" (Unable to see through the wool in front of their eyes.)

+ The legs too are free of fleece which increases their cleanliness.

+ They commonly produce twins and some triplets.


+ Ewes are seasonal breeders, most coming into heat in late October. They will continue cycling until spring if not bred.


+ Rams are sexually active year round, and the ram lambs can start breeding at 5-6 months. 

To learn more about this unique breed click for the Icelandic Sheep Breeders Association of North America of which we are a member.



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