Our roving can be used for spinning, felting and crafting. We use our best fleeces to produce solid black, browns, grays & white as well as varigated browns, grays & creamy tones. Low in lanolin you are paying for wool not for oils that wash out. It is sold by the ounce. Prices vary according to color.

Roving, black, sold by the ounce

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  • Spinners love Icelandic roving for its unique natural colors and long fiber. There is no need for dye. Low in lanolin you are paying for wool not for oils that wash out. We have lustrous black, rich browns, beautiful white and gray as well as blended off white roving.

    Icelandic wool felts much more easily than other breeds because of its unique qualities. Icelandics have a dual fiber coat. The undercoat is fine and soft called the thel. The outer coat is coarser and called tog.

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